Corporate fishing

Among the large number of outdoor activities, corporate fishing has become more and more popular. This is a great chance to travel outside the city with your own team and spend time doing a very exciting activity that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Organized fishing is not just sitting with a fishing rod, but also a common feast with fresh fish dishes, an exchange of emotions, competitions for the best catch and the most positive impressions. Where else is the ideal place to take a break from current affairs, like a picnic by the lake, where you can enjoy nature and forget about all the dilemmas. Corporate fishing allows you to talk in an informal atmosphere, among other things, during the general leisure period, the real disposition of any person is manifested.

Our corporate vacation takes place in an informal atmosphere, which does not separate, but even more connects each team. Your co-workers and employees will forget about work tasks and friction within the team, since the main authority today will be the one who returns from fishing with a luxurious catch. In the course of an intensive discussion of the catch or a leisurely conversation at the table, it is possible to discuss business with the team members, and even non-intrusively discuss the important difficulties of the company. The natural landscape and the situation itself are conducive to relaxing and gaining maximum pleasure from communication.

If you have decided to present a surprise to your own employees and invite them to a common vacation, then you, first, will be interested in the question of how to organize a corporate fishing party. The solution of all organizational issues will be undertaken by the administration of the Mikhaylyna lake, which offers a corporate fishing service in the Kiev region.

Paid fishing is the best offer for business people, who, among other things, have a regulated rest time.

Turning to us, you will not necessarily waste your precious time looking for biting spots or spoil your mood just because you have not caught a single fish all day. We will offer you a place with a wonderful bite, and even inexperienced fishermen will not be left without a fish!

When organizing corporate fishing, we provide for a large number of different moments, which actually allows us to make the most comfortable atmosphere for your general holiday. Probably, from among the employees of the collective there are people who are not quite keen on this type of leisure. However, we have already managed to make sure that after the first visit to our reservoir, real enthusiasm for corporate fishing wakes up, including those who have never taken a fishing rod in their hands. We will help to introduce beginners to fishing or we will offer other types of outdoor recreation – from intense games to serene contemplation of the nature around in silence.

We are ready to offer you 3 corporate holiday packages: 

* Организация соревнований по рыбной ловле + 100 грн к каждому пакету с человека.

* Минимальное количество людей для организации корпоративной рыбалки – 10 человек

* Дополнительно рассматривается возможность аренды водоема, без непосредственного участия администрации водоема в организации мероприятия. Стоимость оговаривается индивидуально.

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